Vikram Betaal 24th October 2018 Written Update – Vikram vs Disaster Woman

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Serial Vikram Betaal 24th October 2018 Written Update at doit dot pk. The Episode begins with Padmini getting some information about Maharaj. Kaviraj advises that Maharaj went to Bhootgarh. Padmini says we will prevent him from going there. Kaviraj says you realize that Maharaj won’t quit detecting threat to his life. Padmini petitions God for his life. Vikram comes to Bhootgarh and sees fire and no one there. He supposes did I come late? Simply then he hears individuals calling for help. He goes there and finds the men harmed. One of the man takes him to a room where they have kept ladies and children covered up. Other man reveals to Vikram that the lady has odd forces which people don’t have. He tells that the lady is headless, however alive and she is executing everybody. Vikram says by what method would this be able to occur? Simply then they hear individuals yelling for help and running. Vikram requests that individuals not stress and go out. He sees other individuals running and attempts to stop them. Man says no one can battle with such great lady.

Vikram Betaal 24th October 2018 Written Update
Vikram Betaal 24th October 2018 Written Update

Vikram Betaal 24th October 2018 Written Update

Lady calls Surajbhan. Vikram thinks Surajbhan is Raja of this country. She assaults him, however, Vikram figures out how to get spared. She tosses hatchet on a child. Vikram spares the child and comes to Suraj Bhan’s Palace. He calls Surajbhan. Surajbhan’s significant other discloses to him that he can’t meet him as he is resting. Vikram says how he can rest when his kin is an issue. Vikram presents himself as King Vikram Aditya. He says I came here for mankind and couldn’t see your kin’s agony. Surajbhan’s better half takes him inside and demonstrates to him Surajbhan’s dead body. She says this is King Suraj Bhan and he passed on three days prior. Vikram folds his hand and says I felt miserable knowing this and inquires as to for what reason did that lady take Surajbhan’s name? Surajbhan’s better half tells that the lady was in connection with King. Vikram requests that she disclose to him in detail. Surajbhan’s significant other/Maharani tells that she saw that fiasco lady 10 years back. They were doing aarti when the headless lady goes to the castle calling Suraj Bhan. Suraj Bhan is stunned and requests that his officers stop them, yet she executes the troopers. Maharani gets stunned.

Suraj Bhan requests that her not stress. The headless lady comes to Suraj Bhan and battles with him. She makes his sword tumble down. Suraj Bhan comes up short on Palace. Maharani appeals to God for his life. The fiasco lady tails him. Suraj Bhan hurries to tantrik’s nook and requests that he spare him. Tantrik says I know why she is after you and says you have annihilated two lives. Lord acknowledges to have demolished her home. Catastrophe lady goes to the tantrik’s cave. Tantrik catches her spirit in the pot and requests that he guard it else his Rajya will get stuck in an unfortunate situation. Fb closes. Maharani tells that following 10 years, when Maharaj Suraj bhan passed on, the pot got broken and the lady got liberated. Vikram inquires as to why that debacle lady needs to render retribution on Suraj bhan. Maharani says she didn’t know and never asked her significant other. Vikram says he needs to spare the general population of bhootgarh and furthermore needs equity for the fiasco lady.

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