What is Google "Fred" and how will it reduce your Ranking?

What is Google “Fred” and how will it reduce your Ranking?

Google’s special addition to cut-down low content based websites with enormous ads and banners has undoubtedly shiver the bodies of black hat world. Though it seems different to us as there is no such thing which has happened till to date but if you look closely then many of the low content websites have lost their ranking in past few months. I have personally visited many themes based websites which had once powerful Alexa have now lost their traffic and Google search in few months. One of the victim is gfxfree dot net and now website has been redirected to gfxnull dot net. I was closely watching their rankings and believe that Google New Feb Update and Fred has changed the face of entire internet world now.

What is Google "Fred" and how will it reduce your Ranking?
What is Google “Fred” and how will it reduce your Ranking?

Though statement is unofficial but Google algorithms and fast tracking system is making a change every day, as per our information, certain parameters have been allotted to all websites, once you cross the limits algorithms start working in different directions by checking the vulnerability,authenticity and reliability of organic traffic.

Following the assumptions on Google update, Fred seems pretty different than previous versions of Google and would surpass new ranking system. Once you will lose your raking, definitely it will slowdown your earnings on daily bases. Massive ranking drops assure about the “Fred” update and it will continue constantly among top listed websites, every bot is watching you deeply if you are in with competition.

Do Something.

To avoid such raking drops, do something,

  • Improve Content
  • Reduce low quality content which drives no traffic for you
  • Power Link-building strategies
  • Enhance Internal-Linking
  • Avoid Duplicate content

I’m sure these tricks will help you out to dig out some other ways of generating traffic.

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