What is Persuasive speaking?

What is Persuasive speaking?

Persuasive speaking is not limited to any content or topic; it has variety in nature with variation of discussion. You may say that it includes a cluster of politics like picnic, food, fun etc.  If we consider speaking techniques then there are almost three techniques which are adopted by any speaker in the world.

  1. Logos (Logic)
  2. Ethos(Creditability)
  3. Pathos ( Emotions)
What is Persuasive speaking?
What is Persuasive speaking?

These measures are also used in Today’s era.  These elements boost your persuasive speaking power and can make you a good speaker.  A successful speaker must be familiar with verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. It makes your audience to accept your thoughts and ideas.


What Needed for Persuasive Speaking?

Influence over Audience

It’s challenging job for any speaker to have good control over audience with suitable smile and facial expression. When you are in front of audience, don’t hesitate, don’t shake your legs. If you know that audience is not interested in your material even then don’t be frustrated. Be adhered with your topic and have a good finishing touch at the end.

Skeptical Objections

You may face skeptical objections in your speech but a good speaker must be familiar with the art of responding their objections with smiling face.

Conclusion of Speech

Conclusion is the main part of any kind of speech because it reflects your grip on the topic.  What are pros and cons of topic and how is it correlated with your conclusion.  Give suitable suggestions with different references.

Above stated techniques are frequently used for persuasive speaking. Try to use listener’s friendly words with simplicity so that it may convince the listeners. Avoid unnecessary wordy phrases and quotation. Think that you are in front of audience to change their opinion.

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