Withdraw Money from PAYPAL in Pakistan

Withdraw Money from PAYPAL in Pakistan

Shackles have now been broken for Pakistani freelancer because Transpay has done it all by providing a platform to monetize and collect money. You have a single access to collect your money from all partnering companies aligned for the purpose of earning. Supposed you are working at upwork (Formerly known as Odesk) or on a freelancer, you might have to withdraw it on regular bases through wire transfer or payoneer in Pakistan. Today you have neither to be worry about your payments nor to drag your accounts and pay higher fees on different channels. Though Transpay is already working in Pakistan for last couple of years, now it has lucratively worked to transform its business in local freelancing companies by providing a unique platform.

Withdraw Money from PAYPAL in Pakistan
Withdraw Money from PAYPAL in Pakistan

Withdraw Money from PAYPAL in Pakistan

Paypal don’t allow Pakistani freelancers to receive and withdraw money while living in Pakistan therefore this question has been given too much importance for couple of years. Now you can work smoothly by earning a money on Pay-pal because here comes Transpay to play its role, as we all know that Freelancing in Pakistan is going through a boom period where amount has been exceeded more than a billion dollar as compared to previous year’s figure which was near about one billion dollars that is, somehow, a progressive forward step towards freelancing.

Starting a new business is not the burning question of today because you can choose different platforms to start your own work. Freelancing has helped Pakistani developers, SEO experts, bloggers, financial experts, Bankers and Writers to earn a handsome income but things go wrong when it comes to withdraw your money because Pakistanis are not given an equal footing on any platform. To make a verified Paypal account doesn’t seem to be more effective as to withdraw from it. Here trans-pay comes with open arms to hold your hands and lift you up.

A uniform set of actions which help you to collect your money generated from different sources on different platforms. Now head to head competition has been started. Use the world’s largest single platform which uses end to end user technology to help users by providing an instant transfer across the global networks. It is now easy to receive funds from all companies including PayPal. There is a list of countries where you can send money through same channel. Transpay does it all for you guys. Step by step process to Withdraw Money from PAYPAL in Pakistan:

Follow this link as stated below and Request an Invite.

  • https://www.transpay.global/Receiver/Receiver

Once you have clicked on REQUEST AN INVITE, you have now a direct link

  • https://go.pardot.com/l/77232/2015-07-29/5b55m

Here you have two options

  1. Freelancer
  2. Business

Here comes a list of freelancing companies from where you can earn. You can choose your own company, if you are a business person that list will not be visible to you, there would be only two options instead of three. Choose your own receiving method, you can choose either “Local Cash Pickup” or “Direct Bank Deposit” however I would recommend you to go for local cash pickup. Click on Next button now.
Now it’s time to click on payment providers, if you are earning from paypal click on that, then click on average frequency payment, don’t use daily because it will charge you higher amount, Monthly, Quarterly or yearly would be nice to receive money from paypal. Now select your average monthly income and preferred currency which probably would be Pakistani Rupees. Last step is to provide your own information with full details and submit your request. Once payment is verified you would be able to receive your money very soon.

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