How to Write Optimized Post Title

Title is defined as a queen of the content if you are willing to call content as a King because it delivers a spontaneous message to spiders, bots that are coming on your site to index your content from Bing, Google and others. Logarithm for these bots may be changed but desired output would be same. Write your title rich with full length which would impact your ranking in long tail keywords.

Despite of the fact that Google is highly ranked search engine giant with respect to its traffic, worth and affiliation with users, you can’t even ignore Yahoo. Both are indeed two search giants for last couple of decays where Google’s dominance speaks about itself. Once you start your blog, Google only tries to index your pages with content where as Yahoo starts to pick whole of your fresh content including tags and then purifies with time to time. Google is smart enough to plot your rank right from the start of your blogging.

Generosity of Google

For a successful blogger you need to keep your post sticky in Google, no doubt Google loves fresh content but it also apply to your number of posts per day, and how many times you are logged in to share fresh content. Blogging in 2008 and 2009 is not more applicable today because those who started blogging as a profession in early 2010’s they are gaining full confidence of Google today. Even your content is irrelevant or not up to the mark today but their content is at top of the Google search.

Why to Focus on Post Title:

Users never search according to your title in Google because it is randomly searched depending upon the keywords that users use to search. Google usually display first 66 characters of any title and Yahoo shows first 120 characters stated as under.

Use Charcounter to count your characters. It is simple and will save your time.

It has 95 total characters

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Both search engines will behave differently as shown below

Google will display as it

Yahoo will show like this

Bing will show

Write an Optimized Title.

It is not a course of our content how search engines reacts dramatically, but how your post may stay on top? That is the leading landmark which each one of you wants to inquire about. A successful blogger always tries to keep him aware of the Google latest policies and new conditions that apply on ranking keywords. Long tail keywords are the primary tools for bloggers to take Google initiative awareness that my blog now exits and you must be aware of that. Once Google crawler visits your website, it will add you in list at last number but if you are capable to drag good traffic and you are willing to write daily, definitely you would receive a good response from Google bots.

Your title delivers a key message to Google on which behalf Google ranks your content. Optimal title usually consists of two types

  • Primary Title
  • Secondary Title

Usually Primary Title is used for Google whereas Secondary Title is used for Yahoo. Your Primary Title may be consisted of 66 characters where as Secondary may include where total number of characters reaches up to 120 characters.

How to Write Optimized Post Title
How to Write Optimized Post Title

How to Write Optimized Post Title?

Users will now find results according to Primary keyword where as both primary and secondary keywords would show single search on Yahoo.Before writing a perfect post you must be aware how to find relevant keywords ? because it is an art to work smart. Just like a single bullet which kills many birds, a single keyword will drag two ways traffic without using SEO tact.

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