Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8 Feb 2018 Episode Written Update

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Awesome Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8 Feb 2018 Episode Written Update… .. . The Episode begins with Mihika requesting that Ishita not go to her marriage. Amma requests that her stop it. Mrs. Bhalla says where did Simmi and Mihika go. She hears Amma yelling and comes there. Amma says you overlooked regarding us. Mihika says I regard you and Appa, I won’t concur on the off chance that you request that I regard Ishita, she is as of now affronted to such an extent. Amma slaps her. Mrs. Bhalla says how could you slap my bahu, you have no privilege to slap her. Amma says I have a right, she overlooked our esteems. They contend. Appa requests that Mihika get out at this point. Simmi calls them distraught. Ishita asks Amma what did she do this, Simmi will make this an issue. Amma says Mihika merited this. Ishita says those individuals are awful.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8 Feb 2018 Episode Written Update
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8 Feb 2018 Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8 Feb 2018 Episode Written Update:

Raman hears Mrs. Bhalla and asks who slapped Mihika. Mihika cries. Romi comes. Mrs. Bhalla says Amma slapped Mihika. Romi grins. Mihika says I just went there to get my kundli. Raman inquires as to for what reason did she slap you. Romi says Mihika merits more slaps. Raman says quiets down, get lost Romi. He requests that Mihika not go there and not converse with anybody. He gets a call from office and goes. Simmi thinks Raman left with no show. She says I m getting so furious, they generally do this, some time or another I will dissension against Amma, Mihika accompany me, don’t ruin your disposition. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi is correct, I need to show them a lesson. Bala says you need to eat nourishment, in what manner will you take medications. Amma goes. Appa asks how might we eat, you know Ishu is in torment, I can’t see her like this. Ishita asks did Amma and Appa not eat anything till now. Kiran says no. Ishita takes Amma and Appa and says what a fragrance, this drumstick sambar is so astonishing, you make such delectable nourishment, I m so ravenous. She requests that Kiran and Bala go along with them. She says this is the world’s best curd rice.

She discusses the adolescence and bolsters Amma and Appa. Yes dil… .plays… They grin. Kiran checks the entryway. Overseer comes in and asks is Madhavi Iyer at home, we have come to capture her. Ishita asks what happened. He says we got a grievance that she has whipped Mihika, Mihika and her family figure she can assault on her once more, she should be captured. Amma says I haven’t done anything. Appa says you can’t capture her for one slap. Ishita requests that they stop, she will converse with Bhalla family. She goes. She reprimands Mihika for getting Amma captured. Mihika says what, I didn’t do any protestation. Ishita says don’t lie. Mrs. Bhalla says I did this grumbling to educate a lesson to your mum. Raman asks what’s occurring, Ishita for what reason do you generally make a show. Ishita says your family completes a dramatization, your mum had grumbling against Amma, how might you do this. Raman gets flashes. He holds his head and says this has occurred previously.

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