Yeh Teri Galiyan 25 October 2018 Written Update – Shan And Puchki Meet

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Drama Yeh Teri Galiyan 25 October 2018 Written Update. Nevi calls Ridhoy and says I was so stressed for you. You could simply have messaged. Ridhoy says I am gaining from the best. I will learn. Nevi says chat on point. He says I am not coming to Calcutta ever. Like sibling doesn’t come. Shan is stunned. Nevi says how might you say that? Ridhoy says on the off chance that he doesn’t come I wont come either. Nevi says tune in.. Ridhoy says on the off chance that you need me to come you need to persuade your senior child to accompany me. Converse with him. Shan takes the telephone. Nevi says send my child back I need him here in Calcutta. Shan says you wont. You will get your birthday present. Ridhoy embraces him and says you are coming mind me. I am extremely cheerful. Puchki is leaving for calcutta. Pathna baba embraces her. She says don’t stress in regards to me. Shan is at the air terminal as well. Puchki says for what reason do I feel unusual.

Yeh Teri Galiyan 25 October 2018 Written Update
Yeh Teri Galiyan 25 October 2018 Written Update

Yeh Teri Galiyan 25 October 2018 Written Update

Shan strolls past her however she doesn’t see him. A person slams into Puchki and says too bad. Her duppatta stalls out. He says let me remain tied. On the off chance that you approach that would be extraordinary. Puchki is wearing earphones. sHe says would you say you were stating something? He says nothing. She pulls her dupatta. The man and his companion say wow what a hot young lady. Gives time a chance to go with her. Puchki’s sack falls. The person takes her photos from the back. He is going to contact her. SHan holds his hand. Shan pushes and hits them. Puchki is disoriented. Shan picks them and beats them. Shan says wouldn’t you be able to utilize every one of these endeavors in enabling them as opposed to doing this. on the off chance that you ever irritate a young lady like this I won’t abandon you. My name is Shan Maxumdar. His back is towards puchki. She is bewildered. Puchki pursues him and embraces him. she is imagining this. Shan has cleared out. She couldn’t see his face.

Examiner expresses gratitude toward Shan. They capture the men. Puchki says he is in that spot before me. I need to meet him. I need to embrace them. Yet, I can’t move my feet. If you don’t mind give me capacity to meet him. Ridhoy says beat somebody again for ladies wellbeing? Who is the young lady? Shan says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Ridhoy says would it be advisable for us to converse with her? Shna says I dont’ meet any arbitrary young lady. Thus wont you. Keep in mind what our class. we can’t converse with any young lady whose class and status is obscure. This sometimes falls short for Mazumdar. Ridhou says I am not requesting to wed her. We can simply meet. Shan says we just meet individuals who coordinate our status. We need to keep up our class. puchki is hearing this. Ridhoy says would you say you are sensitive to young ladies or some other issue? Shan says quiets down.

Ridhoy sees Pucki. He says recollect me? I never figured I would meet you here. If you don’t mind tune in.. Puchki doesn’t reply. He says where did you go? You move extremely well. Shan takes a gander at her. Shan says you requesting that I encourage this artist? Puchki says what is your concern? What do you think you are? In the event that you don’t care for an artist at that point avoid us. Shan says young ladies like you generalize themselves. Puchki says you should leave sickening contemplations and you would know how far the world has gone. Shan says world is at a similar place. ladies utilize alternate ways and utilize their body to acquire. Puchki says disgrace on individuals like you. You are business class. Huge seats and little considerations. Express gratitude toward God we have a segment between business class and general class. I trust we never meet again. She clears out.

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