Yeh Teri Galiyan 29 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Asmita & Shan Get Married

Written Update: Yeh Teri Galiyan 29 July 2019 Episode Written Update today online.

Nobody desires us. He holds Asmita’s hand. Shan says I don’t need to clarify anybody. Shan and Asmita contact Ravindra’s feet. They contact Bua’s feet. She gives them endowments. They come to Nevi however she ventures back. Ridoy says mom He embraces Shan. Ridoy says I am so cheerful. I am pleased with you. You battled for your adoration. I cherish you. I would consistently be with both of you. Shan embraces him. Shan says fare thee well. Shan leaves with Asmita. Shan and Asmita come outside.

Ridoy says here is your new house’s vital. Asmita says is this okay? SHan says it’s just time to celebrate. He sits on the bicycle. Ridoy says to make the most of your sentimental time. He leaves. Asmita sits on the bicycle. He holds her hand and they ride in the city. Shan and Asmita eat at a Dhaba. Shan causes her to eat. Shan hits the dance floor with Asmita on the streets. Asmita embraces him. Nandani daddy how wouldn’t you be able to do anything. He says I am attempting. I won’t let you live here for a minute. I am attempting my best.

Yeh Teri Galiyan 29 July 2019 Episode

Nandani says to what extent would it take? He says your case is not kidding. Nandani says I couldn’t care less. Disclose to me to what extent would it take? He says may take seven days. Nandani says I can’t live here for five minutes. On the off chance that you adore me, how might you let me live here? Don’t you wanna isn’t that right? Since you begin cherishing Asmita?

He says that can never occur. I just adore you. Nandani says I will kick the bucket here. He says I will get you out of here. He says shan and Asmita. They went out. they have moved to another house. Nandani says what. Nandani says in heart, I will assault their lives. Shan can never be Asmita’s. Asmita sets things in the new house. Asmita is cleaning. Shan comes. Asmita says what are you saying. Does he say where is space for me in the storage room? Asmita says you shouldn’t have a ton of garments.

There is a little storage room. You can take it. Shan says wow so pleasant of you. He takes out her garments. He says I would take equivalent space. Asmita says you ought to modify. Asmita slips, Shan holds her. They snicker together. Shan says your grin makes things more splendid. I wish we have a little girl like you. Asmita says we should complete the work in case you’ve finished with the sentiment. GO get the basic food item. He says I would do it? She says this is Mazumdar manor.

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