Yolk Solar Charger For Smart Phones

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Advent of modern technology has changed the face of Smart phones in last two decays by making it more efficient ,simple and slimmer even the creators hadn’t imagine in the past. Part of solar charger in mobile industry has not been taken off till yet because Sung Un Chang, a Korean designer, has designed a flat and smart solar charger for mobiles, so called “Yolk Solar Paper” with immense features which has increased its prepaid buyers.

Yolk Solar Charger For Smart Phones
Yolk Solar Charger For Smart Phones

Company has already crossed its $50000 pledge mark by making a final figure of $869,987 (amount in US dollars only) which is probably 17 times greater than the landmark figure. Just like your smart phone it has two detachable solar panels which are affixed magnetically, once you have detach both panels by placing it on a table you can connect both panels and charge your mobile easily.

Both panels have 5 watts voltage where as you have to add more panels for making it 10 watts but 5 watts is better for your iphone 6. Following is the estimated time for charging your mobiles

  • iPhone 6 ( 2 Hours in bright sun light where as 5 Hours in cloudy atmosphere)
  • Ipad (4.5 hours and 9 in cloudy atmosphere)

Company has decided to launch this product in US $ 122 with 2 panels and $200 for 4 panels as a starting price. Initiative manufacturing was to be processed in China but due to poor quality and being copied easily, a decision was made to manufacture it in Korea. If you are on vacations, holidays, events or even on different research or entertaining projects, feel free to charge your mobile in your own style. You may use it for “Samsung Galaxy S6” & also for “Samsung Galaxy A5 2017” which are most famous brands of Samsung.

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