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Aabid Name Meaning in Urdu – Lucky Number & Other Details

عابد   نام نذر کرنا، بندہ   معنی لڑكا   جنس عربی   زبان 5 *   لکی نمبر مسلم نام مذہب ہاں مختصر نام 5 حروف اور 1 لفظ حروف کی تعداد NAME AABID MEANING WORSHIPER, DEVOTEE GENDER BOY ORIGIN ARABIC LUCKY No.? 5 * RELIGION MUSLIM SHORT NAME YES NAME LENGTH 5 LETTERS […]

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Aabavaanan Name Meanings in Hindi

NAME AABAVAANAN GENDER BOY MEANING RELIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE ORIGIN HINDI LUCKY No. –? Aabavaanan Name Meanings in Hindi नाम AABAVAANAN लिंग लड़का अर्थ विश्वसनीय या जिम्मेदार मूल हिंदी भाग्यशाली अंक — ? Important Info: Aabavaanan is a Hindu Boy name and it is a Hindi started the name with different implications. Aabavaanan name significance is solid […]

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